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Vote at 16 Conference 2012

Young people from around Ireland attended NYCI's Vote@16 youth conference on February 11th, 2012 - focusing on democracy and how young Irish people can become active citizens.  

Keynote Address:

Simon Harris T.D.


Professor David Farrell – School of Politics and International Relations, UCD

Niamh Gallagher – Women for Election

Leanne Caulfield – President, ISSU

Ruairi McKiernan – Formerly of Spunout, Member of the Council of State


Young People demanding Votes


About the event:
The conference Vote@16 - Young People Young Voters – Supporting Active Citizenship is part of an EU ‘structured dialogue’ (formal conversation) process which brings together decision makers and young people throughout Europe to explore reducing the voting age for young people to 16 years.  



An EU sponsored structured dialogue at the event explored what actions could increase youth participation at local, national and European elections. It also addressed the issue of reducing the voting age for young people from 18 to 16 years.

This event will feed the viewpoint of Irish young people, youth workers and those who work with young people into the structured process on critical aspects relating to youth participation in institutional democracy (especially in elections) and youth participation in youth organisations.

A report of the conference and survey findings will be compiled and disseminated within Ireland and across Europe.

This one day event is part of a longer term campaign and more information on future activities will be made available at the event.

The Structured Dialogue was funded by the Youth in Action Programme of the European Union: